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Welcome to the secret, backstage world of Sandy and Richard! Thank you so much for supporting independent music! You are a hero!! Your support assures that we will be able to continue creating music for you, and only have to continue flipping burgers at ONE burger joint instead of three! Included in your annual subscription will be all kinds of goodies. Firstly, any and all music that we have for sale will be yours, free. And we plan a new release in 2017 so you're covered. In addition, we are excited to be uploading all kinds of music that we aren't planning to sell but won't have available anywhere else--covers, and even some amazing piano performances by Richard, alone! We will send you an autographed 8x10 glossy (if you dare give us your address--we promise we won't mail you anything else, because, you know, snail mail. Who does that anymore?) More goodies to come! Thank you again for keeping us creating!

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Sandy and Richard Riccardi
San Francisco, California
Rosie O'Donnell declared Sandy and Richard "MY FAVORITE NEW SINGING SONGWRITING TEAM" on Twitter this March. San Francisco- based Comedy Cabaret Couple, Sandy and Richard Riccardi are satirizing every thing within reach of a piano, specializing in progressive parody. Over 15 million views on social media.

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